Latin languages

Benjamin Barrett bjb5 at U.WASHINGTON.EDU
Sat May 22 16:49:51 UTC 2004

That $B!G (Bs what I thought when I read the quote. Surely the speaker wasn't
intending to intend languages like Native American languages and African
languages that use the Latin alphabet. I even doubt that he intended to
include Pilipino, though he might do so on consideration, given that the
Philippines has a long Catholic history.

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>I wouldn't assume that. I've heard English described as a
>"Latin language," meaning a language descended from Latin, a
>Romance language. While this is incorrect by most
>categorizations of IE language families, it is fairly common.
>In this case, I think a more accurate statement of what was
>intended would be "Western languages." Khader is clearly
>evoking a cultural, not a linguistic, difference.
>--Dave Wilton

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