Damien Hall halldj at BABEL.LING.UPENN.EDU
Sat May 22 19:43:15 UTC 2004

You can tell I've been saving these up for a while.  I promise that this is my
last post today.

Seen in *Entertainment Weekly* (May 7, 2004), p50:
"Chandler's ever-dysfunctional family includes his MILF of a mom ..."

I was very surprised to see *MILF* ('Mother / Mom I'd Like to Fuck') used in
what I presume is supposed to be a fairly family-friendly magazine.  My
impression of *MILF* as definitely still a 'four-letter word' is confirmed by
the Google numbers -

GOOGLE: 5,640,000+

- the vast majority of the first hundred of each of which are pornographic
/ references.  (I feel sorry for the Moro Islamic Liberation Front, though.)

Interestingly, the following collocations may show that *MILF* / *milf* is
losing its connection with the words of which it was originally the acronym, to
such an extent that the following aren't tautologies:

milf teacher
milf mom
mature milf
milf you want to fuck

(the phenomenon that produced *ATM machine*, *PIN number* and *TLA acronym*?).

Has anyone else seen *MILF* used in a non-sexually-explicit, or at least
'harmless' sense?

Damien Hall
University of Pennsylvania

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