Pandowdy (1843) (extra 1834 citation)

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Mon May 24 21:39:08 UTC 2004

   I forgot to add this.

Gilman, Caroline Howard,
Recollections of a housekeeper
New York: Harper, 1834, 180 pgs.
Pg. 13:  I do not feel myself called upon to say how many loaves of bread, under my apprenticeship, came out of the oven as heavy as a bad joke, or as sour as an unkind one; how many pickles turned soft and yellow; how I filled a bed without curing the feathers; how I put pepper instead of alspice into a batch of mince-pies; how many chemical separations instead of affinities took place in my baked beans and Indian ppuddings; and how my pan-dowdy disconcerted all the family, except my cousin Sam, a black-eyed boy, with a raging appetite, who dines with us every Sunday, and who affirmed that the paste was _not_ tough, and that he did not mind if the apple cores did choke him a little.

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