Disco Fries (New Jersey's poutine) (1996)

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DISCO FRIES--408 Google hits, 59 Google Groups hits
"This ain't no disco, this ain't no party, this ain't no fooling around"
--Talking Heads
   Disco fries?
   I was walking by the Tiffany Restaurant, West 4th Street and 6th Avenue.  
Highlighted was "Disco Fries--gravy and melted American cheese."
   Disco fries?  Burn baby burn?
   This American regional dish is not in John Mariani's ENCYCLOPEDIA OF 
AMERICAN FOOD AND DRINK (1999) and it's not in DARE.  It dates back only to 1996 in 
Google Groups.  The New York Times archive on www.nytimes.com goes back to 
1996, but there's not a single hit for it.  Newsday.com (Long Island, NY) has 
online archives to 1985, but there's also not a single hit.  I'm away from 
FACTIVA right now.  (FACTIVA has the Bergen (NJ) Record.).
  Wednesday, December 3, 2003 
I dare you to find decent Taylor ham, egg and cheese sandwiches, Italian hot 
dogs, disco fries or hot Texas wieners anywhere beyond Jersey's borders. 
disco fries 

> Cheese fries with gravy (french fries with cheese melted on top, covered 
> with chicken gravy.Mmmm.), generally served at diners in Northeast New Jersey.
> I'ma have some disco fries, please.
Source: Jeremiah, Dec 3, 2003

fred flare diary | fred friends: 31 Corn Lane
... Kate's Joint fer sure, on Avenue B and 4th Street, where we have been 
known to wrecklessly
powerstuff as many Disco Fries as we can get into our mouths at once ... 
www.fredflare.com/diary/diary82.html - 42k - Cached - Similar pages 

Comments on 14668 | MetaFilter
... posted by briank at 1:14 PM PST on February 11 Here in Connecticut 
"poutine" is
known as "Disco Fries." The chocolate french fries merely reinforce my theory 
www.metafilter.com/mefi/14668 - 28k - Cached - Similar pages 

Wong Kar Wai: Time Space Memories -> Cheese please....
... Britain has cheese fries with gravy. --Yummy on a chilly day with a
pint of good beer. In South Jersey they call those Disco Fries. ... 
wongkarwai.net/boards/index.php?showtopic=192 - 88k - Cached - Similar pages 

Chowhound's The Best... Message Board: Re(2): Poutine
... Message: I think it's just fries with cheese and gravy, but they
have Disco Fries at the Double-T diners in the Baltimore area. ... 
www.chowhound.com/boards/thebest/messages/5058.html - 4k - Cached - Similar 

freezing to death in the nuclear bunker
... there's a greasy 24-hr diner in atlanta, aptly named the Atlanta Diner, 
which serves
a dish called Disco Fries. tasty, but definitely heart-attack-inducing. ... 
squalor.blogspot.com/2003_09_01_squalor_archive.html - 21k - Cached - Similar 

Passionately Sardonic: Margaret Cho Recap
... We also had Disco Fries, which is so not something they would ever serve 
on the West
Coast (I think there's a city ordinance in Berkeley against something this 
bevin.diaryland.com/maggiecho2.html - 15k - Supplemental Result - Cached - 
Similar pages 

Re: trolling fanatics
REVOLUCIONE! POUTINE! POUTINE! HETERODOXY! Hey, after two days stuck in New 
you should know by now that they're really called "Disco Fries." ¬R 
alt.religion.kibology - Feb 19, 2003 by Glenn Knickerbocker - View Thread (11 

Re: OT: Peanut Butter & Jelly
Even in the year 2001, many diners in New Jersey have a menu item called "
fries", which is french fries with brown gravy and melted processed cheese. 
alt.music.mike-keneally - Dec 13, 2001 by Dennis Versteeg - View Thread (78 

RE: Article about the Canadian/American relationship
... It's my favorite dish to get when I'm in a diner. However, most diners 
been to, list that dish as "Disco Fries" rather than Poutine (sp?). ... 
alt.newlywed - Jul 6, 2001 by Kathryn Kula - View Thread (48 articles)

Re: Where are popular Canadian movies?
... And several New York restaurants serve poutine under the name "disco 
fries." Can't
remember the last time I had back bacon (though I don't eat that much meat 
alt.movies - Jul 11, 2000 by beepers - View Thread (77 articles)

Re: Canadian Food
and disco fries? It figures that the US would grab poutine and call it
disco fries... sheesh... how imaginative is that? What is it... ... 
alt.tv.emergency - Nov 16, 1999 by MSztybel - View Thread (81 articles)

Re: Poutine!!!
Fun fact: in many of the diners of central and northern NJ, poutine is known 
"Disco Fries". ... Dammit, disco fries are just fries with cheese and gravy! 
alt.religion.kibology - Jul 15, 1999 by The Avocado Avenger - View Thread (95 

Re: cheese fries (was danielle moves fast)
... with gravy. I know it sounds nasty, but if you try it once you will
get hooked.... -max They're called Disco Fries. I swear. -- you ... 
alt.skate-board - May 31, 1996 by Max - View Thread (4 articles)

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