Daylight Saving Time (two new books!); Re: "The" Philippines

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Fri Apr 1 23:29:46 UTC 2005

I remember "Wartime" There was an old Life Magazine photo of two
Railroad men resetting there pocket watches in a snowstorm to Wartime.
In addition  I think in '44 we had double wartime.  I can remember going
to school in the dark in September in Chicago, must have been 8 AM
start, could have been 9.  We had a summer cottage in Michigan and it
was at the western end of  EST.  In August the sun went down about 10 PM.

J. Eulenberg wrote:

> I am just reading John Dunning's novel, Two O'Clock Eastern Wartime.
> Dunning says that Congress passed the law for Daylight Savings time in
> Feb
> 1942, to give an extra hour for wartime maneuvers.  It took on the name,
> Wartime.  Do these books verify that?  Interesting thesis, anyway, and I
> think he's making an effort to be accurate.  And it sure is a good read.
> Julia Niebuhr Eulenberg <eulenbrg at>
> *********************************************************************
>> DAYLIGHT SAVING TIME--There are TWO new books on DST! TWO!
>> ...
>> SEIZE THE DAYLIGHT by David Prerau
>> SPRING FORWARD by Michael Downing
>> ...
>> I looked fo "spring forward, fall back," but didn't find an early
>> example in either book. Maybe I skipped over it. Is it on Amazon's
>> "Inside the book"?

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