Daylight Saving Time (two new books!); Re: "The" Philippines

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> I am just reading John Dunning's novel, Two O'Clock Eastern Wartime.
> Dunning says that Congress passed the law for Daylight Savings time in
> Feb
> 1942, to give an extra hour for wartime maneuvers.  It took on the
> name,
> Wartime.  Do these books verify that?  Interesting thesis, anyway, and
> I
> think he's making an effort to be accurate.  And it sure is a good
> read.
> Julia Niebuhr Eulenberg <eulenbrg at>

Did Congress pass a law actually *requiring* DST? Or did it merely
*permit* DST as a local option? I grew up in St. Louis and Daylight
Saving Time was never in effect there until DST was made mandatory for
the whole country. But DST was in effect in the rest of the state of
Missouri during the war and later. This was a real benefit for drinking
St. Louisans, since purveyors of alcohol and alcoholic beverages were
allowed to open according to Central DST while still being allowed to
close according to Central Standard Time. So, during the summer, bars
and such continued to close at 1:30 a.m. CST, which, of course, is 2:30
a.m. CDST.

-Wilson Gray

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>> DAYLIGHT SAVING TIME--There are TWO new books on DST! TWO!
>> ...
>> SEIZE THE DAYLIGHT by David Prerau
>> SPRING FORWARD by Michael Downing
>> ...
>> I looked fo "spring forward, fall back," but didn't find an early
>> example in either book. Maybe I skipped over it. Is it on Amazon's
>> "Inside the book"?

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