Hooah !

Mullins, Bill Bill.Mullins at US.ARMY.MIL
Fri Aug 26 21:23:20 UTC 2005

> Airborne Rangers (Power Series) by Alan Landau
> Paperback: 128 pages
> Publisher: Motorbooks International (August 1, 1992) p. 7
> "Today's Rangers would say that Private Reed was "hooah" --
> he had the Ranger spirit, a combination of confidence,
> competence, and enthusiasm."
Taking it back a little further --

Title: BUZZWORDS ,  By: Howard, L., Zeman, N., Newsweek, 2/18/91, Vol.
117, Issue 7
"Hooah! An all-purpose yell, the meaning of which is imprecise. Used to
greet good news, such as mail call. "

I work with a 1979 graduate of USMA at West Point.  He tells me that the
word was not in use there at that time.  He thinks it originated with
the US Marines, and came to the Army through the Rangers.

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