razapazaz (1910)

Michael McKernan mckernan at LOCALNET.COM
Tue Aug 30 09:37:43 UTC 2005

 Benjamin Zimmer wrote:

>Boston Globe, Nov 6, 1910, p. 64/6
>"Razapaz" is just as present the soda fountain artist's highest
>accomplishment with mere vowels and consonants. Even at this early day its
>origin is lost in the dim recesses of somebody's brain, but it was
>probably invented in derence to superior taste as doing justice to a
>combination of lime and lemon juice in a strawberry soda. Anyhow, both the
>buzz saw name and the drink itself seem to be popular.

Can't say that it has any actual connection, but this concoction sounds
somewhat like a 'raspberry lime rickey,' but made with strawberry syrup
instead of raspberry.  The raspberry, however, sounds like it could be the
source of the Raz...

Raspberry lime rickeys were standard soda fountain fare in Eastern MA up
until at least the 1960s (I have no idea how much earlier, though).

Michael McKernan

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