A funny Hoosier mangling

Rex W. Stocklin stocklin at EARTHLINK.NET
Thu Dec 1 23:05:16 UTC 2005

Here in Hoosierland, we have our own notorious way of skewing the
Mother Tongue: wunst or twyst, woarshing the dytees, Cincinattah,
eskewlator, The Indinaplis Coats, etc. But, last night on a local
newscast's segment called Crimestoppers...was this (a rough

Joe Blow (NB - the name's changed to protect the esteem of the
rememberer, LOL) is being sought on suspicion of dilling marijuana.

Of course, as soon as we heard this, the missus and I turned & looked
acrossed to each other and guffawed thinking plum neart the same
thing: "Gee, would not the pickling process neutralize the ganja

Giving the malaprops their props,
Rex Stocklin
Fishers, IN

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