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> > I'm sure Fred is the one for this, but I stumbled across a 1940
> > advertisement Using NewspaperArchive.
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> > Are there any earlier cites for this?
> The earliest I see on Proquest is in a Hedda Hopper column in the LA
> Times, Oct. 24, 1940, slightly later than the NPA ad, appearing in the
> Gettysburg (Pa.) Star And Sentinel, Aug. 10, 1940.

Chicago Daily Tribune, Aug 2, 1921, p. 12/4
William Vaile, congressman from the First Colorado district, a member
of the house immigration committee, said his message to aliens in this
country was: "Love it or leave it."
"We love our country and government and I repeat that we must say to
our immigrants, 'Love it or leave it'."

Makes sense that it would come out of the anti-immigration backlash of the '20s.

--Ben Zimmer

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