"should have done"?

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Hope i got the attribution right.

From:    RonButters at AOL.COM

>Is it spreading to the US? See Marianna Di Paolo's article in American
>Speech (68.4, 1993) and my 1989 note ("Cisatlantic Propredicates") in
 >American Speech 64.1.

It's worth noting that Marianna Di Paolo's article doesn't claim that
it's spreading to the US, but rather that it comes from the utterly
massive English immigration to Utah that occurred in the late 19th century.

It may well be spreading to the US more widely that that, of course, but
it could be emerging in different parts of the US for different
reasons--in some places spreading from England, in others a
sorta-innovation, in others the emergence of a very low frequency
form...But then, of course, we're linguists, and therefore really good
at noticing that something's happening, very bad at figuring out
precisely *why* it's happening.

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