"New York Nanosecond" (1989)

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NEW YORK NANOSECOND--565 Google hits
I don't know if we've discussed "New York nanosecond," a faster "New York
21 December 2005, New York Sun, "The Political Battle Ahead" editorial, pg.
1, col. 6:
Which we mention because we don't believe for a New York nanosecond that  the
problems that have delivered chaos to the city this week are matters that
can be dealt with in negotiations with a scofflaw life Roger Toussaint.
_Commuters, share your joys, sorrows, weird  tales_
It's now the "New York Nanosecond."  People here know that time is money, and
believe me, we're all broke when it  comes to spare time. ...
www.recordonline.com/archive/2003/07/28/kwcarcol.htm - 32k - _Cached_
7/28/kwcarcol.htm+"new+york+nanosecond"&hl=en&start=1&ie=UTF-8)  - _Similar
_Question on "who is a jew?"_
... sure)  movement. If I swatted at Jews on soc.rel.christian like this,
I'm sure I'd  be charbroiled in a New York nanosecond. Bobby
(http://groups.google.com/group/soc.culture.jewish?lnk=sg&hl=en)  -  Oct 4 1989, 9:46 pm by robert.j.brown - 63 messages - 37 authors
23 July 1992, New York Times, pg. D6:
"You can lose your shirt in this business in a New York  nanosecond," a
senior executive at a competing Wall Street firm  said.

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