Sam Hill (1832?)

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What does OED, HDAS have? I think I just saw Sam Hill on strike  today.
Boston Masonic Mirror  (1830-1834). Boston: Jan 7, 1832. Vol. 3, Iss. 28; p. 
221 (1 page)  :
Sare, de gar, you be one grand rascalle--you lie like Sam--like Sam--vat  you 
call the leetle mountain?"
"Sam Hill, I suppose you mean."
"Oui, Monsieur--Sam de Hill--yes, sar, you lie like two Sam Hill."
Sam Hill
N. Amer. slang.
A euphemism for hell; used especially  in expressions of impatience or 
irritation preceded by in or the  with an interrogative word.  
1839  Havana (N.Y.) Republican 21 Aug.  1/4 What in sam hill is that feller 
ballin' about? 1868  _J. T.  TROWBRIDGE_ 
(  Three Scouts vi. 26 When you  might a'married!why 
in Sam Hill didn't ye, then? 1894  _‘MARK  TWAIN’_ 
(  in St. Nicholas Jan. 257/2 Hateful me Sam Hill because I shirked. 1909  N.Y. Even. Post. 10 Apr. (Sat. 
Suppl.) 3/5 How in Sam Hill can she do it? She's just as hot when she gets to  
bilin' p'int as she'll ever be. 1918  _M. E. FREEMAN_ 
(  Edgewater People 314 What in Sam  Hill 
made you treat him so durned mean fur? 1927  W. R. JAMES  Cow Country 77 What 
the Sam Hill  do you think we are out here, servants? 1948  Salt Lake Tribune 
18 Dec. 10/7  He wondered who the Sam Hill the ‘senator’ was. 1962  _H.  
GREEN_ (  Time to pass 
Over xii. 147 Why  in the samhill didn't you step in and stop them, Mike.  1973  
B. BROADFOOT Ten Lost Years xxiii. 262 He  probably never could have figured 
what the Sam Hill was going  on.

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