"Gaia Hypothesis"

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"Gaia hypothesis" seems not to be in OED.  Below is the earliest I have

1974 Lynn Margulis & J. E. Lovelock in _Icarus_ Apr. 471  We review some
recent information about the terrestrial atmosphere in the light of the
"Gaia hypothesis" (Lovelock, 1972; Lovelock and Margulis, 1973).

[The citations above refer to Lovelock, J. E. (1972). Gaia as seen through
the atmosphere. _Atmos. Environ._ 6, 579-80; and Lovelock, J. E. and
Margulis, L. (1973). Atmospheric homeostasis by and for the biosphere: the
gaia hypothesis. _Tellus_.  The second article is described in the 1974
paper as being "In press."  I have not confirmed that the term "Gaia
hypothesis" appears in the first article, nor whether the second article,
which apparently was not published until 1974, predated the occurrence

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