Hunkee Doree (1865) & Maison Doree?

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FYI, from OED. Note the "doree" spelling of the first citation, from  October 
So hunky-dory, dorey [second element of unknown origin] a., satisfactory, 
1866  Galaxy 1 Oct. 275, I cannot  conceive on any theory of etymology..why 
anything that is ‘hunkee doree’..should  be so admirable. 1868  in G. C. D. 
Odell Ann. N.Y. Stage (1936) VIII.  390 [Even Samuel Slater admitted that 
Tostee, when and if she  sang, was] hunky~dory. 1907  _N.  MUNRO_ 
(  Daft Days xxi, Before one  marries 
it's Before oneit's fairy all the time. 1907  _M. C. HARRIS_ 
(  Tents of Wickedness iv. ii. 341  
I've had my luncheon, and I feel better already. Oh, it's all  hunky-dory. 1943  
N. BALCHIN  Small Back Room 172 Well, unless  the electricity they taught me 
is all wrong, that ought to be hunky-dory. 1956  _D. M.  DAVIN_ 
(  Sullen Bell III. iv. 233, I  
thought everything was hunkydory and you were well on the way to being a big  
executive. 1969  _J.  GARDNER_ 
(  Founder Member ii. 17  Everythink's 'unkey dorey 'ere. No  problem.

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