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Subject:  Re: eggcorn candidate: "undermind"--(Missouri School of Minds)
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      Some years ago I received a letter from an inmate in a Missouri
prison (I didn't know him; his letter was addressed to my department)
asking for a copy of a German textbook.  I was happy to send him one
(via the bookstore, that's a prison requirement),
What interests me now though is his spelling of my school's name.
Since ca. 1964 we've been known as the University of Missouri-Rolla,
but prior to that we were the Missouri School of Mines. For some
old-time alumni, that's what we still are.  The prisoner--and bless
his soul; all my students should be as eager to learn as he
apparently was--misspelled that name as "Missouri School of Minds."
Actually, quite appropriate.

Gerald Cohen

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