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I haven't yet tried the American Periodical Series Online, but I regret to
report (like Sam) that I have nothing to declare. I'm no genius.
More on this proverb.

    *   _The Living age ... / Volume 91, Issue 1178_
id=ABR0102-0091-15) : pp.  769-824
    *   _p. 810_
    *   1 match of 'sin to steal a pin'

in:     Title: The Living age ... / Volume 91, Issue 1178  Publisher: The
Living age co. inc. etc. Publication Date: December 29, 1866
...otherwise they would be of nor more poetical value than the assertion
that two and two make four, or that it is a sin to steal a pin.

Title: The philosophers of  Foufouville.
Publication date:  1868.
Collection: Making of  America Books

_Page  168_
n;rgn=full%20text;idno=AEW1145.0001.001;view=image;seq=00000173)   - 1  term
matching "sin to steal a pin"
What was his disgust when he found that the document was  a sermon on the sin
of theft! It began with the poetical assertion that
"It is a sin to steal a pin,--
Much more to steal a greater thing."

Title: Varieties
Publication Info.:  Appletons' journal: a magazine of general literature. /
Volume 4, Issue 83, Oct  29, 1870, pp.535
Collection: Making of  America Journal Articles

_Varieties, p.535_
_Page  535_
20a%20pin;rgn=full%20text;idno=acw8433.1-04.083;view=image;seq=0579)   - 1
term matching "sin to steal a pin"

A colored poet of Memphis has reduced the Fifteenth  Amendment and the
Enforcement Bill to rhyme, as follows:
"It is a sin to steal a pin.
A crime to cut a throat--
But a darned sight bigger to stop a nigger
>From putting in his vote."
WHERE DID BARRY POPIK EAT ON MONDAY?--Bangkok Grand  Palace, 882 First Avenue
between East 49th and 50th streets. This is near the  UN. Good food,
reasonable prices.
WHERE DID BARRY POPIK EAT ON TUESDAY?--Red Garlic (Thai  Seafood Cuisine),
916 Eighth Avenue between West 54th and 55th streets. I was  told that the owner
has several NYC Thai restaurants under different names. I  tried PLA LAD
PRIG, "The most famous Thai fish dish, deep-fried whole red  snapper with chili,
pepper & red garlic chili sauce." I didn't particularly  care for it, but it's
still a nice place.
At the entrance, I picked up NYC OFFICIAL CITY GUIDE  (citygui, weekly, January 27, 2005. This is from page 196 on  Dining:
_Red Garlic_
Try some of New York City's freshest seafood Thai  cuisine at this casual and
friendly restaurant. If you're looking for a dining  recommendation, be sure
to try the roasted rice wrapped with banana leaf. (...)  _www.redgarlic.com_
On the column next to this was a highlighted  trivia blurb that said this:
Did you know that "The Big Apple" is a term coined by  musicians meaning to
play "the big time"? A club in Harlem, once called "The Big  Apple," is now a
SOMEBODY SHOOT ME! I gave them the correct information  thirteen years ago,
when its former president Charles Gillett was still alive!  I've told them for
thirteen years that the black stablehands who called New York  City "the Big
Apple" must be honored by searching for any surviving relatives as  soon as
possible! I passed a city law eight years ago! "The Big  Apple" wasn't coined by
musicians! The Big Apple club is not now a  pharmacy! This is in the goddamn
Official City  Guide!

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