"Have XXX Will Travel"

Mullins, Bill Bill.Mullins at US.ARMY.MIL
Thu Feb 3 05:54:24 UTC 2005

The science fiction author Robert Heinlein had a novel
titled "Have Spacesuit Will Travel".  A recent commentary
on his works (Robert A. Heinlein, A Reader's Companion by
James Gifford, Nitrosyncretic Press) points out that it
almost certainly was derived from the TV show "Have Gun
Will Travel" (which I knew), but that an earlier version
was the vaudeville phrase, "Have Tux, Will Travel" (which 
I didn't know).

My PQ Historical Newspapers search on this phrase yielded
1951 for a first cite, which sure seems late for a "vaudeville"

>From www.etymonline.com :
"Phrase have (noun), will (verb) is from 1954, originally 
from comedian Bob Hope, in the form Have tux, will travel; 
Hope described it as typical of vaudevillians' ads in 
"Variety," indicating a willingness to perform anywhere, any time."
Hope wrote a book titled "Have Tux, Will Travel"

Is the root of this phrase, "have (noun) will (verb)" older than
the 1950's??

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