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This one was already noted by the good folks at Experimental Linguistics:
But will it have the staying power of "Borked" or "Fisking"?

[2002 _Broadcasting & Cable_ 11 Feb. (Proquest) 4 (heading) Hopes Daschled?]

[2004 _Daily News_ (NY) 4 Nov. (Nexis) 21 (heading) Dem spirits Daschled.]

2004 AmericaLovingCanadian (weblog) 4 Nov., Even though Reid is from a
"red state", he just won re-election, so he will not have to worry about
being "Daschled", at least not for 6 years.

2004 Wampum (weblog) 6 Nov., Conrad, despite being an excellent Senator
and the personification of fiscal responsibility, is reasonably likely to
be Daschled.

2004 _New York Times_ 7 Nov. (Week in Review) 3/1 Already, there is a new
verb floating around the Capitol: "Daschled." It describes what can happen
to those, like the Senate Democratic Leader Tom Daschle, who oppose
Republican legislation and then lose re-election in heavily Republican
states. ...  "If we've got troubles in Iraq and the economy's in the
toilet then Democrats are not going to worry about being Daschled," he

2004 Salon War Room (weblog) 8 Nov., But Josh Marshall points out that
even a newcomer like Senator-elect John Thune, empowered by his Daschling
of Senate Minority Leader Tom Daschle, is dangling the possibility that
Specter will be punished for his sins.

2004 PaperSpray (weblog) 22 Nov., Daschled - A way to describe someone who
has lost out because of lack of personality and charisma, even though they
may be much more competent than the close-minded Republican asshole who
beat him. "Former Senate Minority Leader Tom Daschle was Daschled right
out of his Senate Seat by Tom Thune, a total prick who likes to tout

2005 _Montgomery Advertiser_ (Ala.) 16 Jan. (online) "Getting Daschled" is
now a real concern for many liberal members of Congress in both political
parties, but especially for Democrats. Yet, because their base is so
left-wing, liberal Democrats also fear getting "primaried," that is,
losing to another liberal in their party's primary.

--Ben Zimmer

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