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Wed Feb 9 18:09:25 UTC 2005

This was part of a letter sent out by Anne Lewis of the DSCC just today,
with reference to Sen Harry Reid:
Republicans are again playing their tired old game of trying to
demonize--in their words "Daschle-ize"--anyone who disagrees with them.

This implies that the Republicans are consciously using this verb form, at

At 06:08 PM 2/8/2005, you wrote:
>This one was already noted by the good folks at Experimental Linguistics:
>But will it have the staying power of "Borked" or "Fisking"?
>[2002 _Broadcasting & Cable_ 11 Feb. (Proquest) 4 (heading) Hopes Daschled?]
>[2004 _Daily News_ (NY) 4 Nov. (Nexis) 21 (heading) Dem spirits Daschled.]
>2004 AmericaLovingCanadian (weblog) 4 Nov., Even though Reid is from a
>"red state", he just won re-election, so he will not have to worry about
>being "Daschled", at least not for 6 years.
>2004 Wampum (weblog) 6 Nov., Conrad, despite being an excellent Senator
>and the personification of fiscal responsibility, is reasonably likely to
>be Daschled.
>2004 _New York Times_ 7 Nov. (Week in Review) 3/1 Already, there is a new
>verb floating around the Capitol: "Daschled." It describes what can happen
>to those, like the Senate Democratic Leader Tom Daschle, who oppose
>Republican legislation and then lose re-election in heavily Republican
>states. ...  "If we've got troubles in Iraq and the economy's in the
>toilet then Democrats are not going to worry about being Daschled," he
>2004 Salon War Room (weblog) 8 Nov., But Josh Marshall points out that
>even a newcomer like Senator-elect John Thune, empowered by his Daschling
>of Senate Minority Leader Tom Daschle, is dangling the possibility that
>Specter will be punished for his sins.
>2004 PaperSpray (weblog) 22 Nov., Daschled - A way to describe someone who
>has lost out because of lack of personality and charisma, even though they
>may be much more competent than the close-minded Republican asshole who
>beat him. "Former Senate Minority Leader Tom Daschle was Daschled right
>out of his Senate Seat by Tom Thune, a total prick who likes to tout
>2005 _Montgomery Advertiser_ (Ala.) 16 Jan. (online) "Getting Daschled" is
>now a real concern for many liberal members of Congress in both political
>parties, but especially for Democrats. Yet, because their base is so
>left-wing, liberal Democrats also fear getting "primaried," that is,
>losing to another liberal in their party's primary.
>--Ben Zimmer

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