The stink/The stank

Mark A. Mandel mamandel at LDC.UPENN.EDU
Wed Feb 9 15:33:01 UTC 2005

Wilson Gray <wilson.gray at RCN.COM> boggles:
  WTF, Mark?! Is my writing really so obscure? My whole point is that,
unfortunately, there are some black people, even in academia, who
accept such syllogisms as fully logical and do not - or refuse to -
recognize them as nonsense. If my example syllogism had been logically
true, it would have been totally beside the point. And "All Africans
are black" is likewise false, even if one restricts oneself to
sub-Saharan Africa.

Sorry, Wilson. It's not so much that your writing is obscure as that I am
sometimes obtuse, at least in inferring irony. I was, indeed, rather
seriously surprised to see such nonsense over your signature. Obviously I
missed the point. And in fact I even rewrote my criticism to ameliorate it,
limiting it to the logical structure and ignoring the ethnographic facts.

-- Mark
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