Knife & Fork, Like My Peaches & Shake My Tree (1944) and more

Mullins, Bill Bill.Mullins at US.ARMY.MIL
Tue Feb 15 20:06:23 UTC 2005

> And, of course, it's also a staple of R&B. For example,
> here's a verse from a song sung from the male point of view.
> It was popular du'in' the Ko-Rean Waw:
> Well, you're the cutest thing
> That I did ever see
> I really love your peaches
> Gonna shake your tree
> Chorus:
> Lovey-dovey
> Lovey-dovey all the time
> Does it remind you of someone who eventually decided to fly
> like an eagle to the sea?

And who was the victim of one of the STUPIDEST bowdlerizations of all

"Funky kicks going down in the city" for
"Funky shit going down in the city".

1970's commercial radio was _so_ edgy.

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