Knife & Fork, Like My Peaches & Shake My Tree (1944) and more

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>>> Pg. 799:
>>> If you don't like my apples,
>>> Then don't shake my tree;
>>> I'm not your boy friend,
>>> He's after me.
>> The first couplet above (but not the second one*) has been a
>> staple in blues (and folk, and occasionally rock) songs for
>> ages--well before '44, I'd wager.
> I can find it back to "PIPELINER BLUES No. 2" (written by: Moon
> Mullican, 1941).
> See also "Squeeze my lemon til the juice run down my leg"
> from Travellin Riverside Blues by Robert Johnson, 1937.

Different lemons (and sense) can be found in:

Please let me squeeze your lemons
While I'm in your lonesome town.
Now let me squeeze your lemons, baby,
Until my love come down.
- Charlie Pickett, 'Let me squeeze your lemons', NYC, 3 August 1937

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