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Robert Hartwell Fiske Vocabula at AOL.COM
Sun Feb 20 18:46:53 UTC 2005

The Vocabula Review Is Soon to Be a Print Publication 
In May 2005, we plan to make available Vol. 1, Issue 1 of The Vocabula Review 
-- BOUND, a quarterly journal. 
The first issue will include the contents of the January through April 2005 
issues of the online Vocabula Review. 
Each 5-by-7-inch, perfect bound issue will be approximately 200 pages long. 
You may order here:  http://www.vocabula.com/VRorder.asp

Robert Hartwell Fiske
Editor and Publisher
The Vocabula Review
The Vocabula Review
10 Grant Place
Lexington, MA 02420
Two Vocabula Books: 
The Dictionary of Disagreeable English
"However curmudgeonly, Mr. Fiske betrays a bluff humanitarian spirit. ... His 
own flogging of Merriam-Webster's is one of the many pleasures of this 
lovely, sour, virtuous book." — Wall Street Journal  
Vocabula Bound: Outbursts, Insights, Explanations, and Oddities
Twenty-five of the best essays and twenty-six of the best poems published in 
The Vocabula Review over the last few years

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