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I don't endorse this etymology, just passing it on.

Sunday, August 26, 1906
The Sunday [Williamsport PA] Grit - Local Edition page 8 col 2

"Skidoo" A Syrian Insult
Resented by a Shawl Peddler, and a Scene Ensues in Court.

The origin of the word "skidoo" has at last been established.  The discovery
was made in the Essex Market Police court, New York city.  It is of Syrian
origin and if you don't want to get into trouble don't say "skidoo" to a
Syrian, because he is apt to take it seriously.  At least Samuel Solomon,
who was the cause  of the discovery, took it that way.

Solomon is a shawl merchant.  Loaded with a choice collection of prayer
shawls and rugs, he invaded the ghetto.  He reached Stanton and Ridge
streets late in the ??????.  He was hungry and the luscious bananas on the
cart of Jacob Smith made his mouth water.

"How much?" said Solomon.
"Cent apiece," replied Smith.
"Too much," said Solomon.
"Skidoo," replied Smith.
Solomon glared angrily.
"Twenty-three," repeated Smith.

Then things began to happen.  Solomon made a rush for Smith and Smith
countered with a handful of overripe fruit.  Just as things were waxing
strenuous Policeman Wagner butted in and haled [sic] both to the Essex
market court.

"What is the trouble?" asked Magistrate Wahle.
"He insulted me, chudge," replied Solomon.
"How so?" asked the court.
"He said 'skidoo' to me."
"That's no insult."
"Yes, it is.  That's Syrian and it means something very disrespectful to my
"Well, it's English, too," said the court, "and it means 'beat it.'  Now get

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