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A Diner Slang Quiz
John Clarke
Gastronomica; Fall 2003; pg. 122

America's original quick-bite places -- the main-street soda fountain, the
corner luncheonette, and the roadside diner -- shared a special, often
secret, culture of language.  During the Golden Age of slinging slang from
1925 to 1945, waitstaff and kitchen workers communicated in a colorful

How good is your slang?  See if you can match the twelve sassy terms in
Column A with the classic American home-style desserts in Column B.

Bonus Question:  "Give me Eve with the roof on, a crow slab covered in spla,
maiden and tar, plus a stretch with frost and sissy sticks!"  What's being

1.  Ant paste                   A. Apple pie
2.  Bellyache                   B. Chocolate pudding
3.  Chinese Wedding Cake        C. Custard pie
4.  Gold fish                   D. Cruller
5.  House boat                  E. Banana split
6.  Matrimony knot              F. Fudge
7.  Magoo                       G. Bowl of strawberry gelatin
8.  Ploughed field              H. Ice cream sundae
9.  Shivering Liz in            I. Sliced peaches
    the hay
10. Slabs of sin                J. Rice pudding
11. Snow White on a stick       K. Turnover
12. Windbag                     L. Vanilla ice cream cone

Answers:  1-B, 2-H, 3-J, 4-I, 5-E, 6-D, 7-C, 8-F,
9-G, 10-A, 11-L, 12-K

Bonus Question:  Apple pie with a top crust, chocolate
pie covered in whipped cream, cherry pie and a mug of
coffee, and a large Coke with crushed ice and two

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