Tsunami (1867, 1896)

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    Author _Medhurst,  Walter Henry, 1796-1857._ 
,B/browse)    Title An English and Japanese, and Japanese and English 
vocabulary :  compiled from native works / by W. H. Medhurst.   Imprint Batavia : 
[s.n.], 1830.
Pg. 5:
wave   Na-mi
    Author _Hepburn,  J. C. (James Curtis), 1815-1911._ 
1815-1911/-5,-1,0,B/browse)    Title A Japanese and English dictionary; with 
and English and  Japanese index. By J.C. Hepburn.   Imprint Shanghai, American 
Presbyterian Mission Press,  1867.
Pg. 496:
TSZNAMI, (Japanese--ed.), n.
A large wave which rolls over and inundates the land.
    Author _Brinkley,  F. (Frank), 1841-1912._ 
)    Title An unabridged Japanese-English dictionary, with copious  
illustrations, by Capt. F. Brinkley...F. Nanj¯o...Y. Iwasaki...with  cooperation of 
Prof. K. Mitsukuri in zoological terms, Prof. J. Matsumura  in botanical terms.   
T¯oky¯o, Sanseid¯o [1896]
Pg. 1534:
Tsunami n.
A large rolling wave which inundates the  land.

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