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Mullins, Bill Bill.Mullins at US.ARMY.MIL
Wed Jan 5 05:39:46 UTC 2005

>From: Wilson Gray
>Sent: 1/4/2005 11:05 PM
>Subject: Re: A Glossary of Gullah Words
>There's no opprobrium that attaches to
>being considered geechee,

In the movie "A Soldier's Story" (1984), the character played by Adolph
Caesar (what an actor he was) called someone a "geechee nigger", and he sure
wasn't being complimentary about either part.  I got the clear impression
that there was some sort of class thing going on there -- that geechee was
something like hillbilly or hick or redneck, to his character (which was
regular army all the way).  Don't know if this sequence was original to the
play on which the movie was based.

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