POC: a cop term?

Gregory {Greg} Downing gd2 at NYU.EDU
Tue Jan 11 17:21:00 UTC 2005

well, look at the things said about poc's in what was first posted -- it
sounds as if these are tips for avoiding being entrapped by undercover cops
-- so mightn't poc's be an acronym for something like 'police officer
customers' ??? -- just a thought... -- maybe for shift/overtime/staffing
reasons thursdays are a common undercover entrapment night, at least in the
jursidiction in question?

greg downing

At 12:15 PM 1/11/2005 -0500, you wrote:
>  I saw that on the Acronym Finder, too, but isn't it too generic? It's
>clear the girls are avoiding the "POCs," which makes no sense if it's
>"points of contact." It does, however, make me think that it's
>something similar: that the POCs aren't dangerous but are infatuated
>with the girls. But why Thursday? Why should Thursday be POC night?
>It's clear they have customer contact every night of the week.
>Grant Barrett
>On Jan 11, 2005, at 12:03, Cohen, Gerald Leonard wrote:
>>  [...]Less expensive hotels are used for POCS, usually not expensive
>> hotels. [...]
>>> ----------
>>         Check Google under "POC, prostitution." It looks like "points
>> of contact."
>>         Gerald Cohen

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