"Let's play two"--from Ed Kranepool? (1969)

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Sun  Thursday, October 12,  1972 Lowell, Massachusetts
...It's a great day for baseball. LET'S PLAY TWO."  Best-Looking Ushers the
Hot.....games are featured on television with PLAY-backs  of the interesting
Pg. 41(?), col. 4:
Copley News Service
(...)(Col. 6--ed.)
Worst Quote of  Year--Chicago's Ernie Banks: "It's a great day for baseball.
Let's play  two."

Fred Shapiro is finishing his quotations book. I don't know what he has,  but
Newspaperarchive added some more Chicago newspapers. I took another look at
"Let's play two," leaving out "let's."
I don't know why it was the "worst quote" of 1972. It appears in 1969.
Did Ed Kranepool of the New York Mets originate it, "paraphrasing" Ernie

 21 June 1969, THE SPORTING NEWS, pg. 7, cols. 1-3:
_Do-It-All Banks Powering_
_Cubs Along Victory Route_
(This is a great Ernie Banks article, going to great lengths to describe  his
wonderful attitude toward the game, but the quote is NOT here!--ed.)
23 June 1969, pg. 6, col. 1:
Kranepool listened to Yogi Berra and said:
"We play the Cubs the last (Col. 2--ed.) two days of the season in Chicago.
You know how Ernie Banks is, always happy and so enthusiastic. He always says
'it's a wonderful day, a great day to play two.' Well, I'd love to go into
Chicago those last two days with a three-game lead. I'd wait until Banks came
out of the dugout and I'd say to him, 'wonderful day, Ernie. Great day to play

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