RE:       "Target" as a French word?

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We've said 'tar-zhay' or even 'la tar-zhay' here in the Pacific Northwest ever since Target stores first came in the 80s.  We used to have an upscale department store called The Bon Marche' (now Bon-Macy's; soon to be Macy's, to satisfy someone's corporate ego).  Pronounce 'marche'' as /mar-shEy/ as in the french past participle of the verb 'marcher'.  
Anyway, KMart was known as K-Marche', and Target was 'La target.'   I've never heard anyone say 'Wal-marche'' but I bet if I did it, no one around here would bat an eyelash.  
For us, there was no 'upscale' or 'chic' feel to saying 'la target' a la francaise, it was just funny, and a little bit derisive.  
We have a rhyming phenomenon with fast food and pizza restaurants:
Jack in the Box = jack in the crack
Pizza Time = pizza crime
Pizza Answer = pizza cancer
Pizza Hut  = pizza slut
Taco Bell = toxic hell
I can attest to hearing all of those, but I'm not sure I've ever heard "burger thing " for Burger King.  

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	I wager if you do a Google or Nexis search on Target, the store, you will
	find many articles about this. I have read several in the New York Times alone in
	the past few years. Apparently, the word is jokingly pronounced "tar-zhay" by
	upper middle class shoppers who go there for some of the store's more upscale
	or chic goods.
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