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This is an old topic. At alt.folklore urban on October 20, 2004, some people  
named Alice Faber and Ben Zimmer addressed this: 
Alice Faber wrote:  
> I wonder if this is based  on the mock-French pronunciation "tar-zhay"
> that some  people use.

Then the nefarious Jacques Penné should be the  next target.
Ben "and then it's Krogér's turn" Zimmer 
The HDAS has covered retail nicknames such as this. However, neither "Jacques 
 C." nor "Jean-Claude" Pen-NAY is there....One hopes for "Wal-fart" and  
"Taco-Hell" entries...Under "Needless Markup," there are 1995 and 1996 entries  
collected by "J. Sheidlower." That nickname is from at least 1991. 

_Clothing Store Peeves + Misc. Bitching_ 
... When it comes to discount chains, I patronize that upscale French  store, 
(pronounced "tar-ZHAY.") Buy your clothing from  the flea market, like I do. 
_alt.peeves_ (http://groups-beta.google.com/group/alt.peeves)  - Aug 20  
1991, 12:52 pm by Geoff Miller - 17 messages - 11 authors 
_Standard English_ 
... PRINT, --GET  IT-- But the words are, you know, like the KIND OF YAP YOU 
FACULTY  MEETINGS, ****NOT!!!!* Imean like gossip by the undies at TAR-JAY.  
_bit.listserv.mbu-l_ (http://groups-beta.google.com/group/bit.listserv.mbu-l) 
 -  Dec 7 1992, 3:38 pm by mer - 34 messages - 18 authors 
_Boycott "Toy Story" ??_ 
"Oh gee, we're pretty  stupid and lame-ass" Wal-Fart responded when they put
the  shirts back up after massive, nationwide protest. False. ...    
_alt.disney.secrets_ (http://groups-beta.google.com/group/alt.folklore.urban) 
 -  Jan 22 1996, 2:20 pm by Michael Heinz - 33 messages - 26 authors 
... soda 4 eggs 24 oz.  chocolate chips 2 tsp. vanilla 1-8 oz. Hershey bar, 
They'd use  *Hershey* at Needless-Markups? Now you KNOW this is a crock.  ... 
(http://groups-beta.google.com/group/rec.food.restaurants)  - Dec 22 1991, 12:42 pm by Roger Lustig - 2 messages  - 2 authors 
_Capitalism means stratification_ 
... is used very frequently in the sweat shops of San  Francisco's Chinatown, 
where clothes
are sewn for the fashion plates who shop  at Needless Markup stores. ...   
(http://groups-beta.google.com/group/alt.society.anarchy)  - Nov 8 1993, 4:14 am by Lizard - 21 messages - 5  authors 
    Neil Koomen Sep 6 1997, 12:00 am 
    Newsgroups: misc.consumers.frugal-living  From: Neil Koomen 
_neilkoo... at NOSPAMearthlink.net_ (mailto:neilkoo... at NOSPAMearthlink.net)   Date: 1997/09/06 
 Subject: Re: pottery barn-target connection?  
> And my friends and I  have called Target "tar-ZHAY" for a while (no, I'm  
> a teenager) --
> we also occasionally shop "Jacques  Pen-NAY"

Here, it's "Jean-Claude Pen-NAY!"
    RWeidwall Sep 6 1997, 12:00 am  
    Newsgroups: misc.consumers.frugal-living  From: rweidw... at aol.com 
(RWeidwall)   Date: 1997/09/06  Subject: Re: pottery barn-target connection?  
In article <34103CF3.7... at NOSPAMearthlink.net>, Neil  Koomen
<neilkoo... at NOSPAMearthlink.net> writes:
>Note: I've read that  teenage girls call Target "tar-ZHAY," giving it
>sort  of a humorous pseudo-French pronunciation.

I've heard Marshalls,  the off-price store, referred to as "La Mar-SHALS."
R. Wallace


    Kevin Schnitzius Sep 23 1992, 2:33 pm
    Newsgroups: talk.bizarre  From: kschn... at encore.com (Kevin Schnitzius)   
Date: Wed, 23 Sep 1992 21:09:30 GMT  Local: Wed, Sep 23 1992 2:09 pm   
Subject: Re: supermarkets  
schni... at cs.ucf.edu (Mark Schnitzius)  writes:
>i... at kiowa.scd.ucar.edu  (Ilana) writes:
>>(Of course, I usually say "King Stoopids," just as  the Martin Acres
>>subdivision has mutated into Martian Acres, and the  K-Mart clone Target is
>>often pronounced Tar-zhay.)
>   Taco Bell becomes Taco Hell
>     Albertson's becomes Albertscums
>       Niemann-Marcus becomes Needless Markup
>       Magic Market becomes Tragic Markup
>       The Foot Locker becomes The Foot Licker

Publix becomes  Pube Licks
mr asynchronous               kschnitz... at encore.com

    D. Glenn Arthur Jr. Sep 24 1992, 9:35 am  
    Newsgroups: talk.bizarre  From: g... at moeng2.morgan.edu (D. Glenn Arthur 
Jr.)   Date: 24 Sep 1992 16:58:55 -0500  Local: Thurs, Sep 24 1992 2:58 pm   
Subject: Re: supermarkets  
In article <schnitzi.717272... at eola.cs.ucf.edu> schni... at cs.ucf.edu writes:

>i... at kiowa.scd.ucar.edu  (Ilana) writes:
>>[...] "King Stoopids," [...] Martian Acres, [...] Tar-zhay.

> Taco Hell [...] Albertscums [...] Needless Markup [...] Tragic Markup

>  [...] The Foot Licker

... and there's Radio Snack, Burger Thing,  Hardly's, Boob's Big Boy,
the Honda Accodion, Toyauto, Volkswagon Bunny,  MacDeath, Densley's,
Macintoy, Amoeba, MS-LOSS, and so on.
Of course, I keep thinking that all those are _normal_ things
to say until  someone reacts to them.
So far the biggest reaction-getter is "Gnu Hampster Avenue" for
New  Hampshire Ave.
D. Glenn Arthur Jr., The Human Vibrator, g... at bessel.umd.edu
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