Tar-Zhay; Jean-Claude Penne; Wal-Fart; Albertscums; Needless Markup; Taco Hell

Orion Montoya gorion at GMAIL.COM
Wed Jan 19 20:38:16 UTC 2005

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(Whole Paycheck has been discussed)

Around Denver there's a grocery store chain called King Soopers.  They
have a stores is in a historically gay neighborhood and everyone calls
that location Queen Soopers. This seems to me a slightly different
phenomenon than most of this name-mangling because it refers only to
this single location from the chain.  In my family -- and presumably
in my neighborhood in general, since we were equidistant from Queen
Soopers and from another King Soopers store -- we often had occasion
to distinguish between the two, and this made it easy.

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