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You fergot that they might jus be ignernt.


>I've noticed a similar phenomenon in the use of velar nasal in "given" (e.g.
>Given our present situation...) within fairly formal speech contexts (e.g.
>academic meetings).
>In this case, of course, the velar pronunciation may be promoted in part by
>a reanalysis of the word as "giving".
>On 1/21/05 11:03 AM, "RonButters at AOL.COM" <RonButters at AOL.COM> wrote:
>>  I have a videotape from a 1961 press conference in which a Lake Charles, LA,
>>  sherriff pronounces "women" with a final velar nasal and then corrects
>>  himself. In general in this press conference, he pronounces "-ing" with a
>>  velar
>>  nasal, and there are other indications of formality as well.
>>  Am I right in concluding that the "wimming" pronunciation is a
>>  hypercorrection occassioned by the sherriff's self-conscious of the "-ing"
>>  pronunciation?

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