"Butter and Egg Man"--from Muriel Hanford? (of "Muriel Cigar")

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"Sioux" City. Sorry for typo...Also, who knew this about the Muriel  Cigar? 
It's nowhere on the web...The FYI column begins with "Hell's Hundred  Acres." 
That's on my web site.
Dairy and Fleece 
Q. At the theater the other day, I overheard a reference to a "butter and egg 
 man," which I gather means an out-of-town investor waiting to be fleeced. 
But  why butter and eggs? 
A. The phrase gave its name to a famous play, but that's not how it  
originated. "The Butter and Egg Man," the great collaborator George S. Kaufman's  only 
venture as a solo playwright, told a story about a naïve young man from  Ohio 
who learns lessons about the realities of theater finance from some  
sharpies. The sendup of Broadway hit Broadway in 1925, and was most recently  revived 
Off Broadway in 2002. 
But Kaufman didn't originate the term. That honor goes to Texas Guinan, the  
brassy lady who ran a series of nightclubs in the Roaring Twenties that 
brought  together flappers, society figures and gangsters when they weren't being 
raided  by the police. Her most famous contribution to the American idiom was 
her  greeting "Hello, sucker." 
Her second-most-famous idiom came about this way, according to The Home Book  
of American Quotations: A generous stranger at her club in 1924 announced he 
was  picking up all the checks in the house, threw $50 bills to the female  
entertainers, and, when asked his name, said only that he was in "the dairy  
produce business." Miss Guinan responded by introducing him to the crowd as "the  
big butter and egg man." 
     _Holland Evening Sentinel _ 
Monday, August 30, 1965 _Holland,_ 
(http://www.newspaperarchive.com/Search.aspx?Search=city:holland+peacock+girl+and+muriel)  _Michigan_ 
...died i Sunday at the age of  74. The PEACOCK GIRL in the 1913 
Ziegfield.....Will Rogers  AND Sir Harry Lauder. The MURIEL Cigar was named i in her  

Pg.8, col. 7:
_Former Vaudeville_
_Star Dies at Age 74_
POMPANO BEACH, Fla. (UPI)--Mrs. Muriel Window Turnley, who introduced the  
world to such songs as "'Til We Meet Again" and "I'm Forever Blowing Bubbles,"  
died Sunday at the age of 74.
The Peacock Girl in the 1913 Ziegfield Follies SHow, she played opposite  
such big names as Al Jolson, Will Rogers and Sir Harry Lauder.
The Muriel Cigar was named in her honor.

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