Richly hirsute

neil neil at TYPOG.CO.UK
Tue Jan 25 21:04:09 UTC 2005

on 25/1/05 7:38 pm, Wilson Gray at wilson.gray at RCN.COM wrote:

> For those of us who learned our English south of the Mason-Dixon Line,
> continually having to remember to read "cock" as "dick" renders the
> former *far* less erotic than "dick," I'd wager. All pornographers
> should be forced to use "love muzzle." Then, even when it's
> overcorrected to "love muscle," it's still less jarring than the
> Northern "misuse" of "cock."
> -Wilson Gray

And I expect that now readers will realise that 'cocksucker' is not an
implication of homosexuality, but rather of supposed male 'weakness' in that
the object of the allegation would (pre-New-Man enlightenment) stoop to
performing the 'genital kiss.'
-Neil Crawford

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