Richly hirsute

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> on 25/1/05 7:38 pm, Wilson Gray at wilson.gray at RCN.COM wrote:
>> For those of us who learned our English south of the Mason-Dixon Line,
>> continually having to remember to read "cock" as "dick" renders the
>> former *far* less erotic than "dick," I'd wager. All pornographers
>> should be forced to use "love muzzle." Then, even when it's
>> overcorrected to "love muscle," it's still less jarring than the
>> Northern "misuse" of "cock."
>> -Wilson Gray
> And I expect that now readers will realise that 'cocksucker' is not an
> implication of homosexuality, but rather of supposed male 'weakness'
> in that
> the object of the allegation would (pre-New-Man enlightenment) stoop to
> performing the 'genital kiss.'
> -Neil Crawford

As a matter of actual fact, a woman once asked me how it could be that
"cocksucker" is an an insult when her own experience was that men loved
to have their cocks sucked. This happened after I had become with the
Northern/White-English usage. Otherwise, such a question would have
been empty of content.

When I was familiar with only the Southern/Black-English usage, the
only meaning that "cocksucker" had was that of "cunnilinctor" and it
had not the slightest insinuation of weakness. Any one of the very few
who claimed to be a cocksucker was regarded with shock and awe and
respect, as one who had the nerve, the desire, the willingness, and the
skill to do whatever it took to fetch a girl or a woman to climax. In
order to combat this, a guy who didn't have the nerve to perform
cunnilingus or, at least, the balls to claim that he had (FWIW, the
first time that I saw this seriously discussed in print, the word used
was "cunnilinctus"), would say,  "When I come, I don't come from the
lip. When I come, I come from the hip!" As any fool can plainly see,
this was a pretty lame comment that never succeeded in drawing the
attention of the clique away from the reputed cocksucker, in this case,
one Marion Thames ([tEmz] => [tImz]), who had a great name, great
looks, and strong conversation.

-Wilson Gray

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