Oscar bait: 1955?

James Callan jabeca at DRIZZLE.COM
Wed Jan 26 07:20:36 UTC 2005

A curious dilettante tries his hand at documenting slang, inspired by
this morning's Oscar nominations.

Oscar bait
16,700 hits on Google
349 hits on Google Groups
and, what the hey, 39 hits on Google News

The earliest I can find with what's available through the Seattle
Public Library's website is Dec. 4, 1955, from the New York Times p.
X5, via ProQuest:

"Hollywood Views: 'Harder They Fall' Production Team's
Counterpunches--Other Matters" by Thomas M. Pryor

The Academy Award fever is mounting. Columbia is so anxious to put
"Picnic" in the running that the studio has arranged a special one-week
engagement of the film at the Warner Beverly Theatre, starting Tuesday.
Academy rules stipulate that pictures must be show publicly for at
least seven days in Los Angeles before Dec. 31 to be eligible for
nomination. Columbia is so certain its production of the Broadway stage
success is "Oscar" bait that Harry Cohn, president, took a page
advertisement in Hollywood trade papers inviting the prospective
Academy member voters to view the show "as guests of Columbia Pictures
Corporation" during the special theatre run.

James Callan

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