Oscar bait: 1955?

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"Looking at Hollywood" Hedda Hopper
Chicago Daily Tribune (1872-1963); Jun 1, 1948; ProQuest Historical
Newspapers Chicago Tribune (1890 - 1958)
pg. A8
"Oscar Bait" is a paragraph title in this article.

>From Newspaper archive:

Ohio | Zanesville | Zanesville Signal | 1942-04-28
"Walter Winchell on Broadway", p. 6 col 2.
"The Magic Lantern: The week's cargo of celluloid included no Oscar
bait, but most of the photos were very genic."

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> The earliest I can find with what's available through the
> Seattle Public Library's website is Dec. 4, 1955, from the
> New York Times p.
> X5, via ProQuest:
> "Hollywood Views: 'Harder They Fall' Production Team's
> Counterpunches--Other Matters" by Thomas M. Pryor
> The Academy Award fever is mounting. Columbia is so anxious
> to put "Picnic" in the running that the studio has arranged a
> special one-week engagement of the film at the Warner Beverly
> Theatre, starting Tuesday.
> Academy rules stipulate that pictures must be show publicly
> for at least seven days in Los Angeles before Dec. 31 to be
> eligible for nomination. Columbia is so certain its
> production of the Broadway stage success is "Oscar" bait that
> Harry Cohn, president, took a page advertisement in Hollywood
> trade papers inviting the prospective Academy member voters
> to view the show "as guests of Columbia Pictures Corporation"
> during the special theatre run.
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