Smythe's "Lick in alley, beat in rink" (1955)

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All right, I'll look through the Toronto Star "Pages of the Past." But I
guarantee you, the $5 I spent is more than I'll make all year, if ever.
The quote was very difficult to find. Is it "beat" or "lick"? "Ice" or
"rink"? "Them" or "'em"? Further complicating matters was a personal name of
"Alley." Also, there's more than one "Smythe." And is it "Conn" or "Connie" or
I found the quote from 1955. I'll also check out the book  below.
    Title War games : Conn Smythe and hockey's fighting men / Doug  Hunter.
Imprint Toronto : Viking, 1996.
     _Syracuse Herald Journal _
(  Sunday,
April 18, 1976 _Syracuse,_
(  _New York_
( hockey. THE man  who once you can't LICK 'EM IN THE  ALLEY you can't
beat ' wIN THE he  said. He did not strike IN THE 10th and did not
need too  IN THE..

_Bucks County Courier Times _
(  Sunday,
April 18, 1976 _Levittown,_
(  _Pennsylvania_
( hockey. THE man  who once you can't LICK 'EM IN THE  ALLEY you can't beat
'EM.....THE tangle of legal  problEMs because IN THE courts THE Rozelle  Rule
and THE..

9 October 1955, Toronto Star, pg. 22, col. 1:
One of Smythe's more publicized utterances was that he'd fine any Leaf who
won the Lady Byng trophy, an award that's associated with politeness on  skates.

Smiddy (Sidney James Smith--ed.) has won it twice in the last four  years. So
he winds up as captain of the club. Smythe couldn't have been  misquoted,
because he never bothered to deny the yarn. So the chances are his  proclamation
was meant for the particular situation which existed at the time.  He also got
international credit--or discredit--for the theory, "if you can't  lick 'em
in the alley, you can't lick 'em in the rink." Capt. Sid never spent  more than
28 minutes in the penalty coop during one season. His nirmal stretch  in
stir, over a 70-game schedule, is something like 10 to 13 minutes. So if Sid
licked anyone, it must have been out in the alley, well removed from the  referees.
19 November 1980, Toronto Star, "Smythe leaves a rich legacy" editorial,  pg.
8, col. 1:
His most famous quote--"If you can't lick 'em in the alley, you can't beat
'em on the ice"--reflected his approach to life as much as his philosophy of
hockey. He was a scrappy little gambler who relentlessly pursued whatever he
thought was right.

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