For Better or for Worse

Benjamin Zimmer bgzimmer at RCI.RUTGERS.EDU
Thu Jan 27 02:53:20 UTC 2005

Jonathan Lighter:
>These odd terms seem to be made up.

John Baker:
>The Comics Curmudgeon blog,, discusses this strip.
>According to one of the comments, the slang terms are indeed made up.

Someone on the comments list got this official response from the "FBorFW

>Hi there,
>Thanks for writing!
>Yes - Lynn did make up the ‘jive talk’
>that the kids in the strip are using.
>Have a great day,
>Allison Zadorozny
>FBorFW Team

This reminds me of the old "grunge speak" hoax that the New York Times
fell for: <>.  Perhaps Lynn
Johnston was trying to see if she could get some coinages into

--Ben Zimmer

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