For Better or for Worse

Laurence Horn laurence.horn at YALE.EDU
Thu Jan 27 02:57:48 UTC 2005

At 9:53 PM -0500 1/26/05, Benjamin Zimmer wrote:
>Jonathan Lighter:
>>These odd terms seem to be made up.
>John Baker:
>>The Comics Curmudgeon blog,, discusses this strip.
>>According to one of the comments, the slang terms are indeed made up.
>Someone on the comments list got this official response from the "FBorFW
>>Hi there,
>>Thanks for writing!
>  >
>>Yes - Lynn did make up the ‘jive talk’
>>that the kids in the strip are using.
>>Have a great day,
>>Allison Zadorozny
>>FBorFW Team
>  >
>This reminds me of the old "grunge speak" hoax that the New York Times
>fell for: <>.  Perhaps Lynn
>Johnston was trying to see if she could get some coinages into

Well, it worked pretty well for "fetch", in real life if not in the
"Mean Girls" version of Evanston...


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