The Sanas Jazz, Jazz and Teas

Mullins, Bill Bill.Mullins at US.ARMY.MIL
Fri Jan 28 15:44:17 UTC 2005

What's the diacritical marks in

quote starts******************

articles about baseball by Irish American reporter  Edward aEURoe
ScoopaEUR? Gleeson.

quote ends***************

I read that as if quote marks " " (how does one put quote marks in quote
marks unambiguously?)
were replaced by the strings aEURoe or aUER?

And this one
quote starts**************

oh, whataEUR(tm)s the use?

quote ends*****************

looks like an apostrophe, denoting a conjunction, has been replaced by
aEUR(tm) .

If AOL can't handle the basic quote mark and apostrophe, then "the
correct AOL setting" is pretty bad.

I get the impression that some folks on this list find Daniel's posts
repetitious, if not tiresome.  It's pretty easy to hit the delete key.
I just think his welcome would be less worn-out if he used some sort of
standard English ASCII code to post.  I know I'd be more likely to read
his stuff if it wasn't an effort to translate it.  They guy works for a
university -- can't he post from their account?

(And yes, I sometimes find myself glossing over some of Barry's posts
for the same reason.  This is not a criticism of their content -- just a
statement that for whatever reason (and clearly the reason has to do
with AOL), it is a pain to figure out what is being said.)

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> There aren't any extraneous characters in Mr. Cassidy's post.
>  He is using the correct AOL setting.  The list serve
> software is not able to render the necessary diacriticals
> correctly.  It happens when Barry writes 'nicoise' using the
> accurate spelling, too.

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