Acka-backa, soda cracker

Mullins, Bill Bill.Mullins at US.ARMY.MIL
Sat Jan 29 07:01:20 UTC 2005

Another bowdlerized one from youth -- 

The grade school version of the Daniel Boone Show
theme song went:

Daniel Boone was a man,
Yes a big man,
But the bear was bigger 
so he ran like a n-----
up a tree

which cleaned up to:

ran like a rabbit up a tree.

I went to a neighborhood elementary school which was essentially
all caucasian until after I reached third grade, at which time
court-ordered busing integrated it.  It was that year that I learned
that the n-word was not just a word that you were careful who you said
it around, but was a word that would get your ass whooped.  A lot
of rhymes got "cleaned up"  that year.

> Eenie meenie meinie moe
> Catch a tiger by the toe
> If he hollers let him go
> My mother said to pick this very one
> Y-O-U spells you
> But at some point I learned, to my horror, that this was bowdlerized
> from the original, which was not based on the t-word.

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