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Mon Oct 3 22:43:09 UTC 2005

OED has 1900 for "Hill Billie".

"History of Whitecapism In Southern Mississippi and Attempts to Suppress
Dallas Morning News May 22 1893 p. 6 col 5.
"Thus they have placed themselves in more harmonious communication with
the better elements of the whites than the "Cane Hill Billies," who have
found it difficult to get any kind of credit."

>From the same article:
 "whitecapism" -- membership in the Ku Klux Klan (OED does not list; has
"whitecap" in 1891)
"Whitecapism in the south really found its first home at Arcola."

Work of the White Caps" Dallas Morning News Dec 12 1887 p. 7 col 5.
"It appears that on Thursday night an old German citizen named Krauz was
taken from his home by the White Caps, unmercifully whipped, thrown into
a stream, and left to drown."

OED has 1924 for "hill billy" as a type of music.
"Folk Songs of the Ozarks" Dallas Morning News Apr 26 1913 p 5 col 5.
"Your "Hillbilly" fiddler has infinite scorn for anyone except him who
plays by ear alone."

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