Earliest date for "red man" = American Indian?

Mullins, Bill Bill.Mullins at US.ARMY.MIL
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red man
2. a. [See RED a. 5c.] A (or the) North American Indian.

1744 VAUDREUIL in Pres. State Louisiana 37 The English..aimed at nothing
so much as the Destruction of the red Men.

red (adj)
5. c. Of certain peoples, esp. the North American Indians: Having (or
regarded as having) a reddish skin. Red Indian: see INDIAN n. 2b. See

1587 GOLDING De Mornay ii. 21 Hee maketh some folkes whyte, some blacke,
some read, and some Tawny; and yet is hee but one selfesame Sunne.

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> Can someone with access to the on-line OED tell me what it
> has for the earliest citation of "red man" meaning an American Indian?
> Thanks,
> Joel

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