Two-buck Chuck (was: Still lame ...)

Gwyn Alcock alcockg at SRICRM.COM
Mon Oct 24 18:20:39 UTC 2005

It's "two-buck Chuck." (Sells for $1.99.)
Maybe next year they'll have to raise it a dollar, though.


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At 9:32 PM -0400 10/22/05, Wilson Gray wrote:
>Yes. When I was a kid, we used "highwaters" in exactly the same way.
>Would you believe that, back in my day, a pair of "Chucks" cost only
>three bucks? Well, that's cheap for these days. It wasn't cheap in
>those days, when the minimum wage was $0.25/hr. Chucks also held
>pride of place.

Aha!  Well, there are still "three buck Chuck"s, but now it refers to
bottles of table wine retailed at Trader Joe's.


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