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> Lebanon, TN is LEBB-nun.  Arab, AL is AYE-rab.  And Fayetteville, TN is =
> FETT-vul.
> Well, here in Oregon, we have Lebanon, not to be confused with the =
> country, which is Lebanon. What's the diff, you ask? Well, the =
> stress--the city's last syllable is pronounced exactly as the last =
> syllable in the name of the state as pronounced by a Webfoot--Orygun =
> (more or less), hence
>  LEB uh nun (more or less).  If anyone here ever said Leb uh NON, I'd =
> know they were some furriner--probably would say Yaki muh and probably =
> even soda.

Lessee, now. There are Pitchburra (Pittsburg[sic]), Cahnak (Karnak),
?^mbl (Humble), and Po Dahtha (Port Arthur), all in Texas, and Cayro
(Cairo) in Illinois.

-Wilson Gray

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