"Baseball cards" in Queens is "tickets" in Brooklyn

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I'm adding "salugi" to my page. The "'baseball cards' in Queens is  'tickets'
in Brooklyn" interested me. Does DARE have "tickets"? Anyone heard  this
8 July 1977, New York <i>Times</i>, "Street Opens Avenues of  Imagination for
Games" by Fred Ferretti, pg. 54:
John Tricoche is a street kid, and in a process as old as history, older,  he
had illustrated how a game -- one of those wonderfully inventive, highly
structured, often cruel games of the street -- had come about. It was a game as
valid to him and his friends as stoopball, kick the can, ring-a-lievio, red
rover and salugi were to an earlier generation.
Just as nobody really knows why hide-and-seek is called "tap the icebox" in
Chicago, or why Johnny-on-a-pony is "bumbay" in St. Louis, or why "baseball
cards" in Queens is "tickets" in Brooklyn, or why the old game of marbles in
Manhattan is called "fatty-box" in Boston. Even a modified "Dennis the Menace"
is called sardines in the outback.

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