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> How much of the abortion/miscarriage question is fueled by the religious
> prohibitions against A.  If all the religionists had to use A instead of
> M  they would lose some of the moral force of their arguments.  If you
> have to admit that 30 % of all pregnancies end in natural abortion the
> religionists would have to actively champaign for better prenatal health
> care

Beyond the fact that it simply couldn't happen (legislating word choice
seem pretty unworkable), i don't think this would have the effect you
think it would--people would just use more adjectives.

And that's aside from the fact that "religionists" have a wide range of
views on elective abortions, from "no big deal" to "eternal
damnation"--*and* that many religious people, including those vigorously
opposed to all or most instances of elective abortions, *do* actively
campaign for better prenatal health care.

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